Kwik-Step Installation Sequence


11. Handrails can be fitted to the stairway and landings, but not to the walkway. They are normally supplied pre-cut to fit the proposed design of the stairway, but they can be adapted by cutting or swapping the lengths of tubing.

12. Bolt the flanges to the modules as shown in the
Assembly Diagram.

  • Ensure that they are bolted in the exact
    positions shown in the diagram,so that the joints in the
    tubing are concealed in the handrail fittings
  • The grub-screws on the flanges should face outwards
  • A spreader plate should be fitted under each flange
    for increased rigidity
  • The nut should be fitted at the bottom

13. Loosely fit all the handrails with the grub-screws on the
swivel fittings facing outwards from the stairway.

14. Working from one end of the stairway adjust the alignment of each stanchion using the small spirit level, then tighten the grub-screws on the flange and swivel.

15. Tighten the bolts on the swivel fittings.

16. Working from one end of the stairway, re-check/tighten all the grub-screws and bolts and ensure that the handrails are aligned and rigid.

17. Working down from the top of the stairway, remove any mud or debris from the modules and ensure that the ground on either side is splayed and compacted to prevent it from falling onto the stairway.


18. Inspect the stairway regularly and keep the stair treads clean for safety.

19. In wet or icy conditions the grip can be improved with a light dusting of sand.


20. Remove the stairway using the stake extractor and the tool-kit supplied, reversing the sequence for installation..

21. All the components are re-usable and any damaged or missing items should be replaced..

Please click here to download the Kwik-Step Installation Instructions.