Kwik-Step Stairway System - Installation Instructions


6. It is normally easiest and safest to install the stairway from the bottom so that each module provides a firm footing
for installing the next one.

7. Working from the bottom, check/adjust the grading of the slope and then move the first module into position,
following the Assembly Diagram.

8. Install the required number of stakes except for the top pair. Drive the stakes into the ground at 90° to the slope.
Permanent stairways are normally installed with 1m ribbed stakes in:

  • Every hole on the flights
  • Alternate holes along the sides of landings

9. Check/adjust the grading of the slope above and position the next module, overlapping the top end of the
previous module. Install the bottom pair of stakes through both modules, then install the remaining stakes except
for the top pair (as before).

Repeat this sequence until all the stair modules are in place, then install the top landing.

10.Working from one end of the stairway check that all the stakes are driven fully into the ground and the modules
are level and secure. Adjustments can be made by driving some of the stakes further into the slope, compacting
the ground under the stairway.

Check/adjust every tread and landing using the small spirit level in the tool-kit.

Please click here to download the Kwik-Step Installation Instructions.