Kwik-Step Stairway System - Installation Instructions

Please note the following:

These instructions describe the general procedure for site preparation and installation.

They should be used with the Site Installation Notes which provide details and diagrams specific to each site

Each stairway is normally delivered with a Standard Toolkit (unless previously supplied). Other recommended tools and equipment are listed in the Site Installation Notes



1. When preparing the site and installing the stairway:

  • Wear gloves, safety helmets and eye protection
  • Wear safety boots with adequate grip
  • Use other PPE as appropriate and avoid over-lifting
  • Check for buried services and obstructions
  • Follow your Risk Assessment and Method Statement

2. Check for buried services and obstructions.

Site Preparation

3. Remove any dense vegetation using a brush-cutter or the blade on the stake extractor.

4. Mark out the route of the stairway with a rope along one side, then prepare the site as shown in the Site Preparation Diagram. The gradient must be constant across the site of the stairway so that the treads will not slope sideways.

5. The standard toolkit includes a stake extractor, rope, tape measure and Angle Finder.

Please click here to download the Kwik-Step Installation Instructions